Belajar Bahasa Perancis(part three)


tak kusangka…
ternyata artikel bahasa perancisku ada 3 episode….

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Additional French Vocabulary

Glossary Content :

Vocabulary related to Lesson 6 – The Family


  • le/un grand-père (grand father)
  • la/une grand-mère (grand mother)
  • les grands-parents (the grand-parents)
  • le/un petit-fils (grand-son)
  • la/une petite-fille (grand-daughter)
  • le/un neuveu ([male] nephew)
  • la/une nièce ([female] nephew)
  • le/un cousin ([male] cousin)
  • la/une cousine ([male] cousin)
  • l’/un oncle (uncle)
  • la/une tante (aunt)
  • le/un beau-frère (brother-in-law)
  • la/une belle-soeur (sister-in-law)
  • le/un beau-père (father-in-law)
  • la/une belle-mère (mother-in-law)
  • le/un bébé (baby)
  • le/un nouveau-né (newborn)


  • se nommer [= s’appeler] (to be called)
  • naître (to be born)
  • épouser (to marry)
  • se marier [= épouser] (to marry)

Adjectives & Adverbs

  • aîné (e) (elder)
  • familial (e) (familial)
  • jeune (young)
  • vieux (vieille) (old)

Expressions and Idioms

  • le/un grand frère (the older brother)
  • la/une grande soeur (the older sister)
  • le/un petit frère (the younger brother)
  • la/une petite soeur (the younger sister)
  • le/un gamin ([male] kid)
  • la/une gamine ([female] kid)

Vocabulary related to Lesson 7

Countries and Citizenship

Country                       Citizenship
France                        français (French)
Belgique (Belgium)            belge (Belgian)
Suisse (Switzerland)          suisse (Swiss)
Angleterre (England)          anglais (English)
Allemagne (Germany)           allemand (German)
Italie (Italy)                italien (Italian)
Espagne (Spain)               espagnol (Spanish)
Irlande (Ireland)             irlandais (Irish)
Russie (Russia)               russe (russian)
États Unis d'Amérique (USA)   américain (American)
Canada (Canada)               canadien (Canadian)
Québec (Quebec)               québécois (Quebecer)
Chine (China)                 chinois (Chinese)
Japon (Japan)                 japonnais (Japanese)
Portugal (Portugal)           portugais (Portugese)
Pays-bas (Netherland)         hollandais (Dutch)
Danemark (Denmark)            danois (Danish)
Norvège (Norway)              norvégien (Norwegian)
Suède (Sweeden)               suédois (Sweedish)
Finlande (Finland)            finlandais (Finish)
Pologne (Poland)              polonais (Polish)
Hongrie (Hungary)             hongrois (Hungarian)
Bulgarie (Bulgaria)           bulgare (Bulgarian)
Autriche (Austria)            autrichien (Austrian)
Roumanie (Rumania)            roumain (Rumanian)
Turquie (Turkey)              turque (Turkish)

French Expressions and Idioms

The following list provides you with common French expressions and idioms. Idioms are the most difficult aspect of any language that’s why I think it is worth learning them. New items will be added in the future.

Idioms and expressions are organized according the following topics :

  1. Day-to-day Life
  2. At Work
  3. Sports

1. Day-to-day Life

  • faire des courses (to go shopping)
  • arriver à l’heure (to arrive in time)

2. At Work

  • travailler dur (to work hard)
  • avoir du travail par dessus la tête (to be overloaded by work)
  • bosser [slang](to work)
  • se tourner les pouces (to spin thumbs)
  • travailler à son compte (to work )
  • profession libérale (professional)
  • un grand travailleur (a person who works very hard)
  • une bête de somme (a person who works very hard)
  • un petit chef (a low level boss, also in a pejorative meaning, a autoritary boss)
  • un cadre supérieur (an executive)

3. Sports

  • marquer un but [soccer] : to score


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